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Goomedi’s medical displays are widely used in the variety of ultrasound applications. Its expertise in high-resolution color and greyscale display make Goomedi’s ultrasound monitor one of the best in ultrasound applications. The accurate and consistent rendering of gray scales it provides is crucial for diagnostic purpose.

Ultrasound imaging uses high-frequency sound waves to view the body and capture real-time images/ movements of the body’s internal organs. Goomedi’s ultrasound monitor is widely used in a variety of ultrasound applications. Goomedi’s medical display has the best viewing angle compensation techniques to ensure that image consistency for physicians in varying viewing angle positions. Also, the fast response function could save time when viewing live video or motion.


Medical Display 21.5″

  • Calibration mode(optional)
  • 20 meter DVI/HDMI long cable solution
  • Display Type: Full HD
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Luminance: 210 Cd/m2
  • Contrast ratio: 1000:1
  • Viewing angle: 89/89 Deg. Horizontal &Vertical

Medical Display 24″

  • IP65 in front & IPx1 whole unit
  • ALS (optional)
  • Calibration mode (optional)
  • PSM Priority Signal Management
  • User modes for different settings
  • 20 meter DVI/HDMI long cable solution
  • PIP &PBP
  • Luminance: 800 Cd/m2
  • Viewing angle: 89/89 Deg. Horizontal &Vertical
  • Display Type: WUXGA


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