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Goomedi offers the highest quality medical display that are fully compliant with DICOM standards (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), and international standards to ensure accurate and consistent real-time imaging as operating room equipment. Moreover, Goomedi guarantees among the 55” surgical display support UHD 4K x 2K resolution.

Surgical displays are integral to Hybrid Operating Room environment. These operating room displays play important roles such as patient vital signs, surgical images, and X-ray images for a medical solution. When those surgical displays are used in the operating room, Goomedi supports the display of images from different modalities at the same time and provides Picture-In-Picture and/or Picture-By-Picture which support medical imaging from different modalities at the same time to obtain the best angle.

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Medical Display 42″

  • IP65 in front & IPx1 whole unit
  • ALS (optional)
  • Calibration mode(optional)
  • SDI Solution(optional)
  • Light box mode
  • PSM Priority Signal Management
  • User modes for different settings
  • PIP &PBP
  • Luminance: 600Cd/m2
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Display Type: Full HD

Medical Display 55″

  • IP65 in front & IPx1 whole unit
  • ALS (optional)
  • GPIO Remote control (optional)
  • UHD signals configuration
  • Full mode: one UHD signal input (DVI or DP)
  • Dual mode:  2 signal inputs PBP or PIP
  • Quad mode: 4 FHD signal inputs
  • Luminance: 380 Cd/m2
  • Display Type: 4K


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